Non-bank lending institutions sector - Komisja Nadzoru Finansowego

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The rules for keeping the Register of Non-Bank Lending Institutions are laid down in Chapter 5a of the Polish Act of 12 May 2011 on consumer credit (consolidated text: Journal of Laws 2023, item 1028, as amended). 

A non-bank lending institution (instytucja pożyczkowa) may commence its activities after being entered in the Register of Non-Bank Lending Institutions.

Entry in the Register may be obtained by an entity:

  • that carries on business as a joint-stock company (spółka akcyjna) or limited liability company (spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością) in which a supervisory board has been established,
  • having a minimum share capital of PLN 1 000 000 paid solely with cash contributions, with the proviso that the financial resources to cover the capital must not come from credit, loan, bond issue or undocumented sources, 
  • if no member of its management board or supervisory board and no officer holding a general power of attorney has been convicted, by a final and binding court judgment, of a criminal offence against credibility of documents, property, commercial trading, trading in money and securities, or a fiscal offence. 

The forms of applications for entry, change of entry or removal from the register are available at:

Using the forms is not mandatory but recommended to avoid irregularities.

The fees for the applications for entry/change/removal are as follows:

  • PLN 600 for the application for entry in the register,
  • PLN 200 for the application for a change of entry or removal from the register.

The fee must be paid into the UKNF’s account No: 48 1010 0068 6800 0000 0000 0011. 

Applications may be submitted:

  • in paper form, by sending the application to the following address: Urząd Komisji Nadzoru Finansowego, ul. Piękna 20, 00-549 Warszawa, skr. poczt. 419,
  • electronically, or 
  • using the electronic mailbox (ESP) on the ePUAP platform: /2447pvjake/SkrytkaESP

All questions regarding the status of the proceedings for the registration of non-bank lending institutions should be sent to: