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The blessing and challenges of the blockchain

Zbigniew Wiliński, Director of the FinTech Department at the UKNF

Over the past years modern information technologies have become an integral part of the economy. New solutions aimed to optimise business operations and processes continue to emerge. One technology worth highlighting is the blockchain. The interest in the blockchain results mainly from the popularisation of various types of digital assets, including virtual  currencies , that have been created using this technology. Today, however, it has a much broader use.

30 January 2024

eCalculation and publication of currency exchange rates: how and where

Emil Radziszewski, the Polish Financial Supervision Authority

Since 12 April 2000, the exchange rate of the Polish zloty (PLN) against foreign currencies has been a floating  and unregulated exchange rate. This means that the exchange rate depends on the current market offers of purchase and sale of the Polish currency.

8 January 2024

MREL: a blessing or a curse?

Prepared by: Ewa Przedpełska, Expert in the Commercial Banking Department, UKNF

The experiences from the financial crisis in 2008–2010 have shown that for the financial system it’s better to restructure (even through compulsory restructuring) big banks that have found themselves in a crisis than to allow them to fail. However, under market economy and to prevent moral hazard, this shouldn’t be done at the expense of tax payers’ money, managed by state governments, just as it happened as a result of the crisis.

19 December 2023

The functioning of banks and climate change

Prepared by: UKNF, Commercial Banking Department

In August 2023, Science magazine published an article1 which quoted research results showing that about 930 thousand years ago almost 99% of our ancestors’ population had died due to climate changes that took place in Africa. The changes involved cold wave and drought. The authors estimate that for about 120 thousand years, the population of our ancestors was only around 1 300. This shows clearly that climate change affects not only human life but also our existence and survival as a biological species.

21 August 2023